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Tree Moving

More and more local authorities and companies realize that it pays off to preserve the value of old trees. Respect! For moving a large tree is strenuous. Especially for the tree. Therefore, a gentle method is very important. With a distinct know-how and advanced technology, we are able to move even very large trees. Definitely!


There are many reasons why large trees are being moved: they stand too close to each other, in the wrong place or large trees shall be planted in the first place. Old trees, full of character, cannot just be replaced by young ones. Sometimes it is a certain tree which marks a place with its charisma or which is responsible for the special atmosphere of a location.


Tree moving allows e.g. to transform newly built streets into parkways with grown trees, to give facilities a green character, to aerate dense groves or to move trees which hinder the construction of new projects. That way, valuable old tree population is being preserved.


With our range of moving machines, we are well prepared for the most diverse requirements. We can help you move trees with a root ball diameter of up to three meters. We can also transport your large trees over far distances. With tree spade machines, the spades of which clasp closely around the ball, we can make sure that the root balls do not break.

A tree goes on tour